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Impro Solutions Inc. are an exporter in USA of industrial automation equipment and all kinds of materials required in Power Plants, Oil and Gases, Steel Industries, Pharmacuticals, Cement Industries, Chemical Industries, Fertilizer Companies, Marine etc.
We can source and resell any types of equipment based on customer's RFQ. Apart from United States of America we have offices in United Kingdom, India and Bangladesh.
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Who do we serve?

We expand our service to factories, end users and sometimes traders as well. We served so far many cement industries, steel mills and other industries with their necessities. A full list of our customers you can view at Customers bar on our website.

Why are we successful?

Behind our success our sincerity is engaged. In an other word we do love our work. We are happy to see smile on our customer's face for each consignment supply or service. For each work we do follow up faster and carefully. We try to maintain commitment. 



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